September 20, 2016


• Only insured, bonded and experienced professionals are used on all jobs

• All types of siding are available: vinyl, Hardy Board, cedar or aluminum, but we recommend vinyl for the majority of homeowners.

• Vinyl has the following qualities: Affordability, durability and esthetically pleasing.

• We use only Premium High Grade thickness siding, which withstands virtually all large size hail, unlike other types of siding which can dent, splinter and crack under the same conditions.

• Our vinyl offers peace and quiet during times of temperature changes when expansion and contraction of the siding panels takes place, unlike the noise that certain other types of siding makes.

• Our vinyl panels can be easily replaced, if needed as compared to other types of siding.

• Once the job is completed a limited life time manufacturer’s material warranty is in effect, as well as a 2 year labor warranty by the installer.