September 15, 2016


  • A free, no obligation, inspection by our field representative will be performed to inspect the roof shingles, siding, windows and any other exterior items for damage by hail and/or wind; and to then determine the extent of repairs or replacement necessary.  The home’s interior will also be inspected to determine if there has been damage to ceiling or walls from the storm.
  • If damage is found, Storm Busters will assist the homeowner in filing a claim with their insurance company.  Storm Busters will then help the homeowner set up an inspection with the insurance company’s adjuster.
  • A Storm Busters field representative will be your advocate.  He’ll meet with the adjuster at the time of the inspection to point out all the damage that he’s found.
  • If damages are approved by the insurance adjuster or his supervisor (depending on the insurance company) for repair(s)/replacement(s), an estimate of the cost will be made, and an upfront check will typically be given to the homeowner within 5-7 business days of the inspection.
  • After the Storm Busters field representative receives a copy of the estimate from the homeowner, he’ll check to make sure no damaged items were left off the estimate, and confirm that the labor and material pricing on the estimate is current with Chicagoland pricing.  He will then contact the insurance company to discuss any changes in the estimate that are needed.
  • The homeowner will then choose the replacement materials to be used with the Storm Busters field representative.  After the homeowner has received the first check from the insurance company and has given it to Storm Busters, the field representative will obtain the permit(s) the municipality requires, order the materials and schedule the work to be done.
  • Once the entire job is completed, Storm Busters will invoice both the homeowner and the insurance company for final payment.  The amount received from the insurance company, along with any money due from the homeowner, is paid to Storm Busters as the final payment.